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Portal Veneer

 As a flagship addition to our lineup, Arc-Iris has incorporated the finest veneer materials and leading edge woodworking techniques to formulate our Portal Veneer model.

The portal is a semi flat top frame chassis, with a rounded eyewire section. This silhouette styling blends contemporary edges, combined with a more refined approach.

The portal was the first frame created by Arc-Iris, thus the portal to a new adventure.

The portal looks good on, and fits most medium to large faces.

We recommend adding our Cleaning Kit for sunglass maintenance.

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  • Master craftsmanship and design
  • Designed and handmade in USA
  • 100% wood frame construction
  • 8-laminate aircraft plywood incorporated into frame, providing ultimate durability
  • Laser etched Carl Zeiss UV Sunlens
  • Satin-like finish
  • Super lightweight design, much lighter than acetate
  • Swiss machined, universal, spring hinge
  • Carecard and microfiber bag included
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