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Frame Colorway
Zebrawood Aircraft
Onyx Aircraft
Koa Aircraft
Lens Color and Type
Carl Zeiss Brown Polarized
Carl Zeiss Brown Gradient
Carl Zeiss Black Polarized
Carl Zeiss Black Gradient
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Ray Prime

Curved lines combined with a flattened top produce a refined yet confident frame chassis.  

The Ray provides a unisex frame, with a slightly wider nosebridge than the majority of the Arc-Iris line.

Looks good larger faces and is an option for people with a wide nose.

We recommend adding our Cleaning Kit for sunglass maintenance.

Ray Prime Front View Large


  • Master craftsmanship and design
  • Designed and handmade in USA
  • 100% wood frame construction
  • 8-laminate aircraft plywood incorporated into frame, providing ultimate durability
  • Laser etched Carl Zeiss UV Sunlens
  • Satin-like finish
  • Super lightweight design, much lighter than acetate
  • Swiss machined, universal, spring hinge
  • Carecard and microfiber bag included
Divide Bar

Divide Bar

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