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Welcome; and thank you for visiting us at arc-iris. We are a small business who makes an exceptional line of handcrafted outdoor products. When it comes to design, style, and functionality, our creations surpass all others. Best of all, our eyewear is made entirely by American hands in the USA. American consumers have been inundated with cheap, disposable, mass produced imports for decades. Today, it is difficult to find an American made anything, and repercussions are becoming transparent through today's economy.


The majority of the manufacturing at Arc-Iris, is done by a skilled human hand. Consequently, we are somewhat limited on the amount of product that we can manufacture. It is however, our goal to grow and expand as a company, to serve and provide jobs to others. Our in-house design and manufacturing provides us a future of endless possibility.


Arc-Iris was developed under the guidance of over 100 years combined engineering, design, and woodworking knowledge. Our goal was to achieve a pure wood frame that was strong, yet fashionable. We achieved this by using multi-axis wood lamination, and a proprietary gluing technique. This bonding technique ensures that the pieces will not delaminate under normal use, or flex out in more humid environments. Multi-axis lamination allows both top to bottom, and front to back strength in our frames.


Arc-Iris begins with raw material being processed on old-school, nostalgic woodworking tools. Once the blanks are cut and glued, they enter and mesh with 21st-century computer driven laser technology. We then take a typical 15 individual cut and engraved parts from the laser room, and fuse them together using a proprietary glue procedure, into one pair of glasses. After this process, we enter multiple hours of sanding, finishing, and assembly; via craftsman level human skill. Ultimately, after much work and extensive quality control checks, the product is proudly ready for the consumer to enjoy.


Arc-Iris uses the highest quality, most sought after materials on earth. All of our natural hardwood and veneer, comes from A+ grade suppliers. Every pair of glasses Arc-Iris produces also incorporates an aircraft-grade plywood core, providing ultimate strength and allowing for streamlined, slim design. We also do not source from endangered or banned-list species. Play fair with the planet.


All Arc-Iris Eyewear comes standard with Carl Zeiss Sun Vision (CZSV) lenses. All lenses are processed using state of the art ophthalmic edging equipment, along with laser marking. Zeiss is known as a pioneer in the optics field, from microscopy to planetariums, and anything optics in between. Zeiss applies more stringent rules towards CZSV lenses, surpassing the quality standards imposed by the sunglass industry. Every Zeiss sunlens is optically certified with the same specification used for ophthalmic lenses.