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CardVault Wallet

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The Best Damn Wallet, Ever.

-Slim profile, designed for comfortable front pocket use
-Blocks RFID (wireless theft)
-Aluminum aerospace material, providing ultimate strength
-Holds 1-12 cards PLUS will hold standard US sized business cards
-Weight: 2.4 oz | 88 x 54 x 6 mm
-2 Years R&D, going through 10+ prototypes, the CardVault is the best possible configuration of a hard sided wallet. No joke.

The CardVault is a modern, slim front pocket wallet. The main compartment is an expandable card holder- equipped with a money clip.

Over time, the typical leather bi-fold gets packed with faded receipts and unnecessary cards, resembling something more like a suitcase rather than a wallet. The CardVault re-evaluates your everyday carry and gets rid of the bulk.

Our new 'push card' design along with a vertical opening allows you to fan your cards out, like a deck of playing cards. The Arc-Iris CardVault provides superior access to your cards in comparison to any other metal wallets on the market.

Make the best switch of your life, get rid of that old floppy wallet and upgrade to the CardVault today.

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